The mission of Dinner Together is to:

•help families enjoy healthy family meals while connecting with each other •help parents raise successful eaters and learn strategies to deal with the challenges of picky eaters

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Learn more about parent coaching services to help you master struggles with your picky eater and other parenting challenges.


Access free recipes and meal plans from the Kitchen Table Parents site.


Learn about this unique program with access to a database of family-friendly recipes and articles on parenting topics. Oh, and it's free, too!


Learn more about Dr. Cuneo's Empowered Parenting Workbook and explore educational audio recordings on a variety of parenting topics.

“I first contacted Kathleen as a frustrated mother, not sure where to start in getting my son to eat fruits and vegetables. His increasingly narrow list of preferred food choices left me feeling anxious about meals, mostly dinner, on a daily basis. Kathleen gave me realistic advice on how to gradually broaden the menu for him while helping me gain more confidence in the kitchen. In a very non-judging and supportive way, she has helped me to see things I wouldn’t have discovered on my own. More recently, Kathleen has guided me through potty training issues, once again by helping me understand what is and isn’t in my control, and giving me wonderful ideas and insight as to what steps to take. Most importantly, our discussions have taught me to relax, let go of the perfectionism I tend to strive for, and enjoy being a mom. It’s reassuring to know I can always contact Kathleen for help, no matter what the parenting issue may be.” Marla S., South Carolina