The mission of Dinner Together is simple:

  • to help families enjoy healthy family meals while connecting with each other

  • help parents raise successful eaters and learn strategies to deal with the challenges of picky eaters

The power of the family meal…

Research has shown that children who eat meals with their families frequently have better eating habits, better academic success, better mental health, and lower risk for both obesity and substance abuse. Many parents have been exposed to this information and strive to do their best to bring their families together for meals.

Yet the challenges of raising a healthy family in today’s busy world can be overwhelming. Those challenges are recognized at Dinner Together.

Dinner Together is directed by its founder, Dr. Kathleen Cuneo. Kathleen is a psychologist and mother of 3 who knows firsthand the difficulties and the joys of raising healthy kids. Her mission is to empower parents to raise healthy families, without making themselves or their kids crazy. She has been working with children and families in a variety of settings for over 20 years.

Kathleen is also one of the co-founders of the Blog for Family Dinner, a project that features blog posts from guest writers that explore the far-reaching benefits of family dinner. She has also been frequently quoted and featured in major parenting publications, including iVillage.com, American Baby, and New York Metro Parents.

Dinner Together aims to arm parents with practical skills and thoughtful information to help parents raise children who are not only “good eaters,” but who also have healthy relationships with the food they eat and with the people in their lives.