Are you struggling to pull satisfying meals together for your family? Are you overwhelmed with the thought of trying to plan and cook meals? Are you tired of dealing with your picky eaters? Is your children’s behavior making family meals unpleasant?

Phone consultations are available to assist in you in acquiring skills and strategies to help you achieve your goals. Depending on your needs, plans will be developed for improving your own meal organization and coordination as well as for improving your children’s eating habits and behaviors. The focus is on enhancing your family meal success and providing you with resources to help make family meals positive and raise healthy eaters.

Each phone consultation is 45 minutes. Click here to arrange a convenient time for your session. The fee is $125/session. Discounted multiple session packages are available.


Dr. Cuneo’s signature workshop is entitled, “How to Raise Healthy Eaters without Making Yourself or Your Kids Crazy.”  In this workshop, parents will learn effective strategies to calm the chaos at dinner time and bring peace and connection to their family table.

This workshop includes:

  • Guidance on how to stop being a short order cook
  • Strategies to help kids try new foods and eat vegetables
  • Ways to have kids join the family at the table – and be pleasant once they get there
  • Strategies for effective meal planning and time-saving techniques
  • Tools for positive family communication
Other popular workshop topics include raising siblings who get along with and care for each other, the keys to empowered parenting, and the power of family meals. The fee for a 90-minute workshop in the local (near Rockland County, NY) area is $250. Please email for more information and to describe your group’s needs and interests.



Please visit Dr. Cuneo’s website,, for more information about parent coaching services aimed at helping you raise self-confident, compassionate children.


Kitchen Table Parents is an exclusive community of moms and dads providing the education and support you need to raise a happy and healthy family. Membership in this program includes access to meal plans, recipes, and a library of articles and audio recordings of parent education materials. Find out more here.